dslr cameraIt was once believed that most everyday users of digital cameras would find DSLR cameras out of their league or just something they could not really use. A cheaper SLR was more than suited to their needs and the less money they had to spend, the better. Consumer friendly models are obvious to anyone who has used them. Unless you are lucky enough for a decent model or really know what you are going to experience from poor quality cameras. Nikon hopes to change the minds of people who buy cameras with the new D3100. They are hoping that people will pay extra money for user-friendly and high end camera. They are depending heavily on the HD video option to generate sales along with the 14.2 megapixels. Anyone can look at a camera and comment on how cool it looks but what it does and how it functions are all that matters. Because there are cameras that looked great but didn’t do much of anything else. These days, as technology advances at what appears to be the speed of light, the new gadget on the market is something that is so superior that everybody must buy it. Just look at how many people went out and purchased the iPhone 4 and then look at all the issues that came with it. Some people just don’t think. They would just go and buy because they want to. It proves only two things. People are still impulsive and they still want the best. Usually, the Nikon DSLRR D3100 is a great camera for people who are not really professional photographers. It is very easy to capture high quality photos and record videos with it. It’s probably not best for the professional photographer; however, beginners will be more than happy with the extra money they used to buy their first DSLR camera. The price must expensive for some people and is definitely the main limitation of the camera. If you are not someone who is a stickler for the maximum quality then this is not the camera for you. If you’re the type who would like to take pictures in various conditions and under many different situations then this may be a rewarding investment for you. The D3100 makes a wonderful gift for you or for someone looking for the top quality digital camera.